This is part of my job as an illustrator and concept artist for commercials and advertising material, pictures you see here were made to Mompozt postproduction house , all rights reserved.

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Client: Bayer
Ref: los tres cerditos
Proposed characters and setting , art design for commercial, book illustrations , etc.
ref: zoombies y vampiros

Character design proposals for this commercial and small matte painting
Maizena- unilever
Agency: ADE
ref: Maizena con mas amor

Character design and compo for Printed Material .
3D Modeling : Alejandro Albarracín
Shaders and Lighting : Antonio Mendoza.
This is the final commercial
Executive Producer: Natalia Delgado
Director: Antonio Mendoza.
Concept Art: David Hernández.
Look Development: Antonio Mendoza, Jonny Munévar, Leo sierra.
Modeling and Textures: Alejandro Albarracín, Hernán Llano.
Rigging: Alejandro Albarracín, Hernán Llano, Andrés de los Ríos.
Animation: Nicolás Árias, Andrés de los Ríos.
Simulation: Juan Carlos Echeverry
Lighting and Shaders: Antonio Mendoza
Compositing: Jonny Munévar, Leo Sierra

Textures look development and ilustration
Agency: LOWE SSP3 Colombia - Jaime Duque – Mario Lagos
 Director: Jonny Munévar.
 Art Direction, Script and Storyboard: Jonny Munévar.
Look Development: Jonny Munévar, David Hernández.
Modeling and Textures: Hernán Llano, David Hernández.
Rigging: Hernán Llano.
Animation: Andrés de los Ríos.
Simulation: Juan Carlos Echeverry.
Render: Antonio Mendoza.
Compositing: Oscar Orjuela.
2D Animation: Jonny Munévar, Catherine Flórez, José España.

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